Asp.Net - Bindable image upload web user control with image preview


Developing Image upload web user control with image preview in asp.net:

As a developer working for content management system/ecommerce/blogging/social sites development, one most frequent task is image upload.

We spend lots of time dragging/dropping file control, upload button and writing code to check for file extension and then uploading the image on the site in specified directory location.

And if one wants to show the preview this task gets even much lengthier.

Keeping this in mind I wrote a web user control which is generic in nature and can be just used on any page with little configuration and offcourse no code rewriting.

Also this user control is bindable and has image preview if choosen. So this can be used inside data grid view/form view/list view/repeater/details view/data list control by just dragigng and dropping.

So lets start building image upload web user control with preview (optional):

1. Add a web user control to your website project.More...

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