Free SQL Server 2008 R2 Book download

SQL Server 2008 R2 - Free Book from Microsoft

If you are a sql server developer and wanted to have some free ebook on sql server 2008.

Here is the link I found while looking for the same. There is a free ebook download available on microsoft site for "SQL Server 2008 R2" edition.

This online book is the primary documentation for SQL Server.
Books Online includes the following types of information:
Setup and upgrade instructions.

Information about new features and backward compatibility.

Conceptual descriptions of the technologies and features in SQL Server.

Procedural topics describing how to use the various features in SQL Server.

Tutorials that guide you through common tasks.


SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers

Preparing for SQL Server Interview

When  you go for an interview, have you ever wished that someone would just give you a list of questions so you knew what to study for? Well, now your wishes have come true with SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers.

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

The authors Pinal Dev and Vinod Kumar have already attended many interviews themselves so seem to know all the questions you should brush up on and how to really impress your future boss. More...

T-SQL Check if String contains unicode character(s)

T-SQL - Checking for Unicode characters

Here is a code in T-SQL which will check if a string contains UNICODE characters:

Lets create a table variable:


declare @temp table (Name varchar(100), Address1 nvarchar(200))


Now we will insert two records, one of which contains ascii and one non-ascii character.



T-SQL Password Encryption / Decryption Using Password Phrase

T-SQL - Password Encryption/Decryption

Here is a sample code which will show how to encrypt/decrypt password using password phrase in T-SQL:

We will hard code password phrase and and original password then we will encrypt the password and store it in a variable.

Declare variables:


@passPhrase NVARCHAR(50),
@encryptedPass VARBINARY(MAX),
@decryptedPass NVARCHAR(50);




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