SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers

Preparing for SQL Server Interview

When  you go for an interview, have you ever wished that someone would just give you a list of questions so you knew what to study for? Well, now your wishes have come true with SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers.

SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

The authors Pinal Dev and Vinod Kumar have already attended many interviews themselves so seem to know all the questions you should brush up on and how to really impress your future boss.

We all know that an impressive resume and good grades in school are not enough to ensure you a good job these days. You have to be able to demonstrate your knowledge. When the topic is SQL Server, it is hard to know exactly what to demonstrate because the subject is so broad. I highly recommend this book if you have an interview coming up, are thinking about looking for a new job, or simply use SQL Server on a daily basis. You can learn a lot from this useful reference book.

You can also purchase this book from Amazon/Flipkart (indian readers).

Table Of Contents

  • Database Concepts With Sql Server
  • Common Generic Questions & Answers
  • Common Developer Questions
  • Common Tricky Questions
  • Miscellaneous Questions On Sql Server 2008
  • Dba Skills Related Questions
  • Data Warehousing Interview Questions & Answers
  • General Best Practices

Here is the video, you can know more by watching Pinal & Vinod discussing this book.

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